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Benjamin Stewart - DIRECTOR / camera

Benjamin Stewart is a freelance film writer & director, who fell in love with filmmaking when he was 15 years old.

He began making movies in his backyard with friends from school. They shot several low-budget horror tributes & parodies, drawing direct inspiration from their favourite movies & cartoons.

After graduating high school and obtaining a Film degree at NSCC, Benjamin shot & directed 15 + hours of broadcast television. Among these projects were several 1 hour documentaries, and one 13 x 1 hour docu-series.

Benjamin is currently operating his own film production company “Weird Wolf Productions”. He intends to make a stride back to his roots of independent filmmaking, incorporating his broad range of technical & directing abilities he acquired over his 15 year journey.


When Benjamin is not filming, he can usually be found at the local gym. 

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